Does It Mean You Are Doing Object-Oriented Programming If You Write Classes?

I remember a job interview that I had in my early days as a software engineer. I was asked what is the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). I tried to remember things I learned at a University and murmured something about encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorpshism.

5 Benefits Of In-Memory Databases

In-memory data stores like Redis are becoming increasingly important components of modern distributed systems. Managed solutions like AWS ElastiCache are the cornerstones of the Cloud Computing.

What Programing Language to Learn Next?

According to Wikipedia, there are over 700 programming languages in the World. How do you decide which one to learn next? Let’s explore several ideas.

How to Code Like a Pro

So you are a programmer, huh? You want to write cool and really sophisticated code. Like a pro? Here is my list that can help you to get started.

How to stop fearing job interview and perform better

Did you ever have troubles sleeping the night before important job interview? Have you ever felt your heart racing and palms sweating during an interview? If so, you are not alone.

Understanding Redis replication in AWS ElastiCache

Redis is one of the most beloved data stores according to StackOverflow survey. Amazon Web Services offers managed Redis as ElastiCache. It has many features that allow us to build great systems; one of them is replication.

Doing More With Pomodoro Technique

Wishing you had one extra hour every day to get more done? Probalby yes. Would you be even more productive if you had 30 hours a day?

A Subtle Art Of Writing Good Code Comments

Today I want to explore somewhat overlooked topic of code commentaries. It seems like a simple topic, yet it is the one that sometimes invokes the hottest water cooler arguments!

How Code Coverage Lies To You

In my previous article I talked about why it is a good idea to write unit tests. Now I want to talk about a different question - how much unit tests to write?

Why write unit tests?

In this article I want to talk about unit testing. Why do we write them? What do we expect from them? I have heard many different opinions, sometimes quite opposite.